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Distinctive Linings

Octopus Arte Decadence

Octopus Arte Decadence

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Supplier code: L-001342

Embrace the unconventional with this truly unique jacket lining, which showcases a minimalistic style inspired by the Arte Povera movement of the 1960s. Teeming with an otherworldly motif of octopuses, this lining captures a fascinating dream-like aesthetic. It is imbued with a palette rich in shades of darkslategray, burlywood, sienna, rosybrown, and gray, creating a captivating visual interplay that enhances the design's surreal appeal. The color progression from the deep, soulful darkslategray, through to the warm tones of burlywood and sienna, moving towards the softer rosybrown and ending with classic gray accentuates the sublime attraction of the lining and reflects the wearer's unorthodox and individualistic fashion ethos. Suitable to be paired with your bespoke, made-to-measure jacket, this exceptional lining ensures your ensemble exudes an unmatched level of sophistication and exclusivity.

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