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Octopus Cubism Midnight

Octopus Cubism Midnight

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Supplier code: L-001277

Experience a twist in fashion sophistication with our premium jacket lining design. Borrow its essence from synthetic Cubism, showcasing our expert use of midnight blue, light gray, steel blue, and cornflower blue. This exclusive lining is veiled with a deep sea-inspired cobalt blue and heightened by glittering silver swirli patterns. Immerse yourself in its labyrinth-like arrangement of geometric forms, where hints of an octopus add a marine mystique to your wardrobe. Each curve and stroke is a testament to modern style - sharp, audacious, and unapologetically distinct. The vibrant cornflower blue harmoniously coexists with the profound steel blue, highlighting the pattern against a contrasting canvas of mysterious midnight blue, and softened with sweeping light gray tones. Interspersed black details provide a defining edge, making every line pop with artistry. This lining is everything a refined jacket requires - a distinctive aesthetic that speaks of your bespoke taste and love for avant-garde art. Wear your masterpiece anytime and let the world enjoy a spectacle of design genius.

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