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Octopus Deco GoldBlend

Octopus Deco GoldBlend

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Supplier code: L-001279

Experience the allure of utmost exclusivity with this bespoke jacket lining. Its design is a masterwork deeply inspired by the Art Deco style, transporting you to a bygone era of elegance and sophistication.

The prominent Octopus figure, characteristically of Art Deco fashion, is brought to life in a spellbinding blend of deep purple and gold. This distinctive figure is expertly juxtaposed against a mature palette of tan, black, and dark olive green - a truly remarkable representation of refined aesthetics and artful expression.

Redefining the concept of personalized fashion, its grayscale aspects provide a versatile base that anchors the stunning design, making it a perfect complement to any custom-made jacket. Emanating a classically elegant charm, this jacket lining encapsulates both visually striking and unique artistry.

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