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Octopus Elegance Emerald

Octopus Elegance Emerald

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Supplier code: L-001270

Immerse yourself in aquatic harmony with this exclusive jacket liner, designed in a modernist style often associated with Georgia O'Keefe. Dive into the depth of its darkslategray, a shade reminiscent of the deepest ocean, only broken by playful inclusions of silver and gray, that bring forth images of soft sea foam and smooth pebbles. The lining reveals a touch of natural zen, a nod to its modernist influence, in the calming accents of darkseagreen and cadetblue. This one-of-a-kind liner boasts an octopus motif, a creature known for its adaptability and vividness. Tailored exclusively for those who seek a truly unique and customized experience, this liner breathes life into any custom-made jackets, and marks the wearer as someone who dares to differ.

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