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Octopus Minimal Arte

Octopus Minimal Arte

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Supplier code: L-001364

Dive into the realm of understated complexity with this exclusive jacket lining. The design invites you in with a captivating application of the Arte Povera style, taking minimalism to a new epoch. An enchanting anchor of the pattern, the octopus, fills the canvas, its interweaving tentacles breathing life into the mastery of abstraction. The drama unfolds in a harmonious palette of dark brown, engaging black, subtle tan, and strategic twinges of gray. Each color skillfully punctuates the sober elegance of this lining, making it a sophisticated spectacle of visual art. The unique mingling of saddlebrown and gray further heightens the depth, adding an unexpected finesse to the overall persona. More details are all within this mosaic of design and color, bringing an enlightened edge to any custom, made-to-measure jacket. Discover a world of abstract luxury, where every intricate detail compels a second look.

internal sku: 0d46eeda-eccb-4a22-b29c-bbffd5639e6b

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