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Distinctive Linings

Opulen Noir Celebration

Opulen Noir Celebration

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Supplier code: L-001379

The exquisite appeal of the jacket lining captures the spirit of New Objectivity with its imaginative yet distinct design. The elegant blend of rosybrown, bold black, and rich saddlebrown portrays a festive composition, perfectly embodying the blend of modernity and sophistication. Highlights of calming lightslategray interspersed amongst deeper shades of slategray augment the overall aesthetic, forging a narrative of nuance and allure. This lining, with its personified grandeur and a celebration of style is perfect for a jacket that is uniquely tailored just for you. Steeped in elegance, this piece stands as a testament to the harmonious adaptation of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. Enjoy the opulent artistry, perfect for a jacket crafted with precision and exclusivity.

internal sku: bec2d812-e7e7-4ac2-adab-7de3d9c80f5e

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