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Distinctive Linings

Opulent Pop Noir

Opulent Pop Noir

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Supplier code: L-001197

Unveil the splendid visuals that we've imbued into this cutting-edge jacket lining. Drawing you into a remarkable scene of opulent palaces, this piece takes influence from the vibrant and bold characteristics of pop art. Brimming with plush plum hues and subtle hints of pale yellow, the lining design invites a captivating narrative into your custom, made-to-measure jacket. The overall color scheme, composed of peru, black, dimgray, and gray, blends harmoniously, providing an enchanting balance between bold and muted. The plum tones are a unique interpretation of the traditional peru color, promising an air of novelty in your unique attire. The blacks and dimgray offer a mysterious undertone, endowing a depth that challenges the beholder's gaze. Simultaneously, the varying shades of gray gracefully encapsulate the scene, offering a cool, laid-back undertone. This lining distinguishes itself through the meticulous attention to the visual aspect, empowering you to make an unexpected fashion statement. Its enigmatic blend of color and design will undoubtedly reflect your taste for artful individuality. Transform your jacket into an expressive work of art with this exclusive lining.

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