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Oriental Silver Shadows

Oriental Silver Shadows

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Supplier code: L-001055

Accentuating the distinct essence of Orientalism, this jacket lining embraces an intriguing amalgamation of colors. Firewall-like silver panels form a stark contrast against the profound black backgrounds, suggesting a metallic sensibility. These silver surfaces come to life, juxtaposed with the stable grounding offered by the saddle brown hues, adding an unexpected warmth and subtlety to the layout. As an homage to splendor, hints of sienna bring forth an earthy richness, nodding to the artistry found in nature. Finally, the softer shade of slate gray ties the ensemble together, adding a sense of understated elegance and balance to this custom jacket lining. Made-to-measure and distinctively tailored for your unique style, this lining does more than just catch the eye; it tells a story.

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