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Orphic Firearm Noir

Orphic Firearm Noir

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Supplier code: L-001005

Experience a sense of individuality with this striking jacket lining inspired by the unconventional style of Orphism. The design features a captivating combination of hues such as firebrick, black, maroon, lightslategray, and slategray, meticulously assembled to portray the essence of digital painting. The core design element revolves around suggestive structures reminiscent of guns, evoking a sense of modern, rebellious sophistication.

The fiery enigma of firebrick and maroon strikes an impressive contrast against the profound depths of black. Hints of lightslategray and slategray add a unique dimension and bring out an avant-garde allure in a seemingly chaos-like, but carefully crafted design. This high-end, artistically-rendered lining embraces the abstract eccentricity of Orphism, making your custom-made jacket a statement piece.

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