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Distinctive Linings

Outlandish Folklore Allure

Outlandish Folklore Allure

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Supplier code: L-001395

Dive into a visual symphony with this exceptional jacket lining, echoing a note of bold Art Informel. Showered in a vibrant palette of colors: tan, black, firebrick, indianred, and sienna, this design tactfully blurs the boundaries between folkloric charm and modern eccentricity. Discover the daring cherry-red backdrop, masterfully intercepted by patches of soft neutral tan, spicing up the visual aesthetics of this lining. The compelling play of black in the artistic etchings contributes a bold edge to the scene, adding an element of richness and depth. Gradations of firebrick and indianred, interweave with the black strokes, adding a sultry warmth to the design. Final touches of sienna tease the eye with an earthy tone, harmoniously completing this visual masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the lively world of this jacket lining, where audacious color combinations meet innovative abstract strokes. Perfectly suited for any custom, made-to-measure jackets, this lining is an artful representation of bold Folklore Art Informel, ensuring a coat as unique as its wearer.

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