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Paisley Butterfly Gold

Paisley Butterfly Gold

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Supplier code: L-001527

<p>Engage in an ornamental journey with this spectacular jacket lining. Steeped in charisma, the design showcases a radiant fusion of paisley and butterflies, channeling an energetic and playful mood. An inviting palette of dark salmon dominates the scene, gracefully interwoven with rich blacks, subtle grays, and textured browns. The light golden touches meticulously painted across the lining adds a subtle yet definitive hint of glamor.</p> <p>Each detail of this lining embodies a passionate story, maintaining a delicate balance between traditional motifs and a modern mindset. It is a majestic union of style and personality, designed with precision to reflect a sui generis charm. This eccentric design is a true display of innovation, promising to add a unique artistic resonance to your custom, made-to-measure jacket.</p>

internal sku: 6da7b50f-dae8-474d-8b92-97eddf4dbddf

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