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Distinctive Linings

Paisley Butterfly Noir

Paisley Butterfly Noir

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Supplier code: L-001528

Discover the epitome of luxury with this striking jacket lining. Intricately designed with a fusion of paisley patterns and butterflies, the lining radiates a sense of mystique and sophistication. Its color palette is masterfully orchestrated, featuring hues of black and brown, highlighted with variations of rosy brown. Echoing the splendor of a dark rose as well as the warmth of burgundy, this exquisite lining is sure to elevate any custom-made jacket with its visual appeal. A touch of light pink adds a gentle flair, creating a fluid transition between colors. Ideal for those who appreciate unparalleled elegance, this jacket lining is a true celebration of refined style.
Its detailed design isn't merely an accessory but a statement.

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