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Parisian Conceptual Skyline

Parisian Conceptual Skyline

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Supplier code: L-001530

Dive into the heart of high concept fashion with this one-of-a-kind jacket lining. It showcases the epitome of conceptual art, paying homage to the world-renowned landmark located in the city of love. The dynamic blend of slate gray, silver, black, sky-blue, and cornflower blue colors breathes life into this design, creating an urban yet sophisticated look.
With a palette inspired by the Parisian night-sky, this design showcases the elegance and grandeur of the chic French lifestyle. Slate gray and silver contours sketch an abstract representation of the iconic Eiffel Tower, standing proudly against a black backdrop. Sky-blue and cornflower blue accents lend an electrifying element, lighting up the composition similar to the famed tower's nightly sparkle.
This jacket lining adds a touch of urbane opulence to your made-to-measure, custom jacket. Standing out in the crowd is a given with this artistic, boldly original adornment nestled into your clothing. Own a piece of fashion that tells your unique story, inviting gazes to appreciate a view typically reserved for a Parisian night.

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