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Distinctive Linings

Parisian Modernism Slate

Parisian Modernism Slate

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Exclusive Jacket Lining - Give your custom, made-to-measure jacket a unique touch of panache with this remarkable jacket lining design featuring Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower. This distinct design was inspired by the expressive and symbolism-rich art style of the heightened realism era. The lining is bathed in a palette of dignified darkslateblue, lightgray and black colors that beautifully contrast each other, while elements of darkgray and lightslategray add depth and intricacy to the overall visual aesthetics. The combination of these colors paints an impressive canvas of night sky over Paris, crowning the Eiffel Tower as the profound centerpiece. This exclusive lining adds an eclat of sophistication, transforming the jacket into a haute couture masterpiece, thus personifying your spirit of boldness and individuality.

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