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Distinctive Linings

Pizza Saucer Renaissance

Pizza Saucer Renaissance

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Supplier code: L-001136

Immerse yourself in a distinctive splash of color and design with this tailored jacket lining. The depiction of a flying saucer shaped like a pizza embraces a whimsical approach, influenced by an art style reminiscent of a certain Renaissance-era talent. The black backdrop sets a dramatic stage for the palette of goldenrod, firebrick, mediumseagreen and darkcyan. These complementary colors work together to highlight the detailed artwork and add an unexpected twist to your formal attire. The bold firebrick and mediumseagreen tones allude to an inspired, unconventional flavor, while the muted goldenrod and darkcyan accents provide balance and refinement. This lining is a testament that even though designed to be concealed, it need not lack in character or style. It will be your little secret, adding a personal touch to your custom-made dress piece.

internal sku: 04d70114-2b9a-4d38-8d4a-ad36f9f95398

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