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Distinctive Linings

Playful Retro Squiggles

Playful Retro Squiggles

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Supplier code: L-001284

Discover an exquisite addition to your custom-made jacket with an exceptional lining that showcases a symphony of vibrancy. This lining features a playful wavy design reminiscent of classic retro styles, pouring life into your garment. Splashed with a palette that includes dignified darkslategray, passionate firebrick, radiant goldenrod, earthy saddlebrown, and exotic indianred, the bold squiggles are wonderfully vivid, creating a high contrast spectacle. This lining is designed for individuals looking to inject a dash of whimsy into their personalized wardrobe. Complementing any style, it provides a visually striking contrast with the jacket. Perfect for individuals who wish to express their one-of-a-kind personality through their tailored attire.

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