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Pointillism Majesty Mélange

Pointillism Majesty Mélange

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Supplier code: L-001180

Experience the exclusive realm of Pointillism with this highly distinctive jacket lining, featuring an intricately depicted scenario of lions and birds. Ranging from deep dark slate blue to a softer cornflower blue, the color palette skillfully merges with notable notes of dark salmon and dark slate gray. The infusion of dark gray tones adds a unique depth to the overall design, perfectly leaving no detail unattended. This visually arresting lining transcends the normalcy of attire. Every feature resonates with meticulous attention to detail. It is a profound fusion of art and fashion, mastered in the tradition of Pointillism. Each color has been carefully selected to transform standard jacket lining into a piece de resistance. Embrace the boldness of dark slate blue, the tranquility of cornflower blue, the warmth of dark salmon, and the sophistication of dark slate gray, all curated into this one-of-a-kind design. Meant for the fashion-forward thinker who appreciates art, this lining makes your custom-made jacket not just an item of clothing, but a wearable masterpiece.

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