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Pointillist Manga Maroon

Pointillist Manga Maroon

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Supplier code: L-001482

Immerse in the world of Manga with a touch of pointillism essence. This unique lining captures the beauty of Japanese art and syncs it harmoniously with the influence of Georges Seurat to blend in a well-balanced, refined representation. The abstracted forms of manga characters are ornamented with a collage of hues, where each color is carefully selected to reflect moods deeply embedded within it. Starting with the warmth of wheat that creates an harmonious base, the design is enveloped in strokes of darkslategray - a bold, definitive blend that anchors and highlights the other colors. The soulful depth of brown traverses through the lining, interspersing the design with grounded undertones - a luminous testament of maturity and sensibility. Dashes of rosybrown are interspersed throughout, creating visual interest, while the lively dash of tomato color pronounce the exuberance. Every brushstroke, every color choice is precise and intentional. This lining is an artistic statement, manifesting boldness and depth for the discerning individual. Custom fit for your jacket

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