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Distinctive Linings

Poodle Abstraction Noir

Poodle Abstraction Noir

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Supplier code: L-001125

Experience a bold splash of artistry with this exquisite, made-to-measure jacket lining. Inspired by the captivating freedom of the Abstract Expressionism artistic style, the handcrafted design is as dynamic as your own personality.

This unique, custom lining combines a symphony of hues, from the striking depth of black to the earthy undertone of dark khaki. Experience the allure of cadet blue playing amid subtle shimmers of dim gray, and notes of steel blue.

With a style reminiscent of dreamy visuals, this one-of-a-kind lining reinvents the idea of what a jacket can be - turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Make a statement with your style, with this exclusive lining that redefines elegance.

internal sku: ee9b3ea9-3ce4-4a52-9cb3-4f840db52d16

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