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Distinctive Linings

Pop Art Cobalt

Pop Art Cobalt

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Supplier code: L-001336

Product Description: Escape into the realm of dreams with this custom jacket lining that is colored with vibrant shades of darkslateblue, burlywood, black, cornflowerblue, and skyblue. Inspired by pop art, the design creates a visually captivating dance between sophisticated elegance and playful charm. The cobalt blue hues weave a tale of opulence, while hints of burlywood offer a warm contrast, harmoniously blending together in an abstract piece of artistry. From the striking intensity of black accents to the calming tones of cornflower blue and sky blue, every color is injected with life, rendering depth to the jacket lining. Endowed with an exceptional design, it encompasses an enchanting visual spectacle that oozes personality and flamboyance, originating from a world of pure fantasy. This lining is guaranteed to deliver an unparalleled custom and made-to-measure jacket experience.

internal sku: f6780ef0-00b4-4852-af90-72f46bb6988e

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