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Distinctive Linings

Pop Art Fantasy Blend

Pop Art Fantasy Blend

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Supplier code: L-001437

Immerse yourself in the vivid dreaminess of this jacket lining, influenced by the distinct artistic style of pop art. Harmonizing a bold palette with a minimalist approach, the color scheme slips into the profound hues of midnight blue and steel blue, punctuated with brilliant sky blue strokes. Pitting these striking tones against a soft, subtle gainsboro backdrop creates an enticing contrast woven throughout the design. To intensify its mysterious allure, whispers of black brushing here and there deepen the colors and lend a brazen edge to the pattern. With its enchanting chromatic compositions and unique artistic influence, this exclusive jacket lining is a striking visual discourse for the audacious dresser. Command your own bespoke narrative with this bold, pop art inspired lining.

internal sku: 08a6a61a-ab8d-4f67-8a6b-a0447386e07e

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