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Distinctive Linings

Pop Artistic Herb Blend

Pop Artistic Herb Blend

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001175

Immerse yourself in a world where pop art sets the trend. Our custom jacket lining, designed in a style reminiscent of the mind-bending works of the pop art movement, uses bold and captivating imagery to create a unique look.

Dominated by the mesmerizing hues of dark khaki and olive drab, the design exudes an aura of intriguing depth. Punctuated by instances of black and gray, the tones interact to form a rich tapestry that invites and intrigues the eye, persisting in your memory long after you have looked away.

The very symbolism of the design - a leafy theme - extends beyond mere aesthetics. It speaks to the daring, the adventurous, and the transitions of the natural world. Perfect for those who wish their style to be a reflection of their individuality.

Our exclusive, made-to-measure jacket lining breathes life into your wardrobe, providing a subtle hint of your distinct personality and character.

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