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Post-Impressionism Starry Nights

Post-Impressionism Starry Nights

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Supplier code: L-001152

Delve into the realm of superior radiance with this deluxe jacket lining. Accentuated by a constellation of striking ‘peru’ stars cast over a ‘black’ backdrop, this style is infused with nuances of the Post-Impressionism era, a juncture in history revered for its distinct aesthetic. The interplay between 'deep blue' and 'gold' stripes in the design creates a captivating appeal rivaled by none. Variegated shades of 'dimgray', ‘gray’, and ‘slategray’ come together in a harmonious alliance to further amplify the essence of the pattern. This lining is set to artfully elevate the aesthetic appeal of any custom, made-to-measure jackets in both formal and casual settings. Wrap yourself in a splendor of rich hues and stunning visuals, completely unique to you.

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