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Distinctive Linings

Psychedelic Imagery Noir

Psychedelic Imagery Noir

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Supplier code: L-001214

Unravel into the extraordinary journey of your style statement with this unique jacket lining. This marvel of craftsmanship boasts a visionary spectacle, inspired by the bold and vividly dramatic visuals of psychedelic imagery intertwined with the unique appeal of surrealism. The dominant color scheme orbits around contrasting yet harmonious shades of dimgray and tan, each amplified by the strategic interplays with subtler undertones of darkgray, and outlined by the definitive presence of black. These earthly tones are unexpectedly and sensationally interrupted by splashes of a vibrant mediumaquamarine, defining itself as a character of its own within the overall aesthetic. This jacket lining isn't just another piece of cloth, rather it's an expressive canvas depicted in the language of art, propelling the wearer beyond the realm of the conventional into the uncharted territories of distinctiveness.

internal sku: fcfc7c3e-3a93-4753-895f-73314f33db69

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