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Distinctive Linings

Psychedelic Sea Whisper

Psychedelic Sea Whisper

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Supplier code: L-001371

Immerse your senses in the transformative power of this visually stunning jacket lining. Awash in a mesmerizing medley of colors – darkslategray, darksalmon, dimgray, lightseagreen, and cadetblue, it weaves a captivating spell that's hard to resist. Evoking the vibrant energy of the psychedelic era, it comes alive with fungi inspired patterns enhancing its dynamic appeal. For those daring souls seeking to make a bold style statement, this unique jacket lining that effortlessly marries unconventional design with a distinctive color palette, promises to be a thrilling addition to their bespoke, made-to-measure creation.

internal sku: d57b94d3-18b9-42bb-ad9a-933747193953

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