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Distinctive Linings

Psychedelic Silver Surrealism

Psychedelic Silver Surrealism

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Supplier code: L-001221

The inner layers of your custom-made jacket set the stage for a tantalizing visual journey with this exclusively designed lining. Drawing inspiration from the world of surrealism, the design showcases a fervor of psychedelic imagery, breathing life into a realm like no other.

Imbued with a clever play of colors, the wondrous allure of jade green sets a stage for the spectacular. Echoes of sophistication are mirrored in the contrasting hues of darkslategray and silver, offering a unique kind of elegance. Detailed with shades of darkgray and gray, the lining exhibits an understated canvas, enhancing the grandeur of the jade green. Meanwhile, the unexpected, yet, absolutely delightful addition of cadet blue to the color story adds to its multifaceted appeal.

Indeed, this exclusive lining is not just a part of your jacket but a form of intricate, wearable art that seamlessly intertwines style, personality, and whimsical charm for a journey into the dreamlike realm of surrealism.

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