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Purism Dream Noir

Purism Dream Noir

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Supplier code: L-001425

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere this jacket lining evokes. Inspired by the purist trend, the dream-like design offers a bold and exceptional look. The dominant tones of Peru and Sienna erupt across the lining, interrupted by bold strokes of black. With a harmonious blend of butter yellow and dark crimson, it brings to life the essence of manga art.

Enhanced by the depth of rosy brown, the colors interplay and create an intriguing dance across the surface. Their palette delicately highlights the intricate design, weaving a narrative that is inherently captivating. This is not merely a jacket lining, it is a beacon of individuality and style.

Custom-made to your dimensions, it promises to become an extension of your unique individuality. This exceptionally exclusive lining is designed to grace the jacket of those daring to stand out.

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