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Retrograde Abstract Steelblue

Retrograde Abstract Steelblue

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Supplier code: L-001122

Step into the abstract world with our exclusive lining meant just for you. This is no ordinary detail, but rather, an echo of abstract expressionism, paying homage to the driving force behind the mid-century artistic movement. The palette incorporates a balance of burlywood alongside varied shades of gray including darkslategray, dimgray, and lightslategray, ultimately offset by the surprising twist of steelblue.

Take note of the mesmerizing celestial display with a design inspiring thoughts of retrograde planets in constant motion against a dreamy, far-off space. In this lining, a blend of earthy, grounding tones meets a hint of cool and tranquil steelblue, recreating the cosmic dance right inside your tailored fit. Perfect for the design-focused individual who isn't afraid to infuse their wardrobe with a dash of sublime artistic flare.

Custom and made to fit snugly, this lining isn't just a detail, it's a statement. Create conversations, evoke thought, and inspire with the deep visual masterpiece that rests within your jacket.

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