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Retrograde Planets Abstract

Retrograde Planets Abstract

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Supplier code: L-001116

Immerse yourself in the universe of custom jackets with this exclusive lining design. Drawing inspiration from the abstractionism movement, the design expresses the depth and mystery of the Retrograde Planets with a tasteful blend of rich colors.
The visuals revolve around the celestial hues of darkslategray and dimgray, interspersed with the down-to-earth warmth of peru. A touch of lightslategray adds intrigue to the mix, further highlighted by the cool and confident steelblue.
This unique jacket lining makes for a mesmerizing inner world bound to bring your bespoke jacket to life. Allow yourself to become the center of conversations and awaken curiosity with this one-of-a-kind design. A bold step away from the mundane, this lining is for those who dare to dress outside the box.

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