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Distinctive Linings

Rhythmic Patterns Exclusive

Rhythmic Patterns Exclusive

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Supplier code: L-001307

Steeped in the exclusive realm of abstract expressionism, this jacket lining is a harmonious blend of inspiration and art. Gentle flutters of gray, dark slate gray hues gracefully merge with rich undertones of dark salmon and dark olive green to create a visually stimulating rhythm.

Framed by a subtle, yet alluring backdrop of light gray, the lining exhibits a vibrant constellation of patterns that narrate an enigmatic story, while adding an invigorating touch of class to your custom, made-to-measure jacket.

Each silhouette and shade crafted in this lining transports you to a world of creative freedom and sophistication, creating a sartorial masterpiece that transcends fashion norms and borders on wearable art.

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