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Distinctive Linings

Roadscape Luxe

Roadscape Luxe

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Supplier code: L-001579

Experience the thrill of speed and luxury wrapped into one with this exclusive jacket lining. Dominated by a striking goldenrod tone, it captures the allure of white sports cars set against an iconic orange backdrop. The design is a nod to those who appreciate the international sport of racing, giving an extravagant look and feel to your jacket. Adding depth and contrast, darkslategray and saddlebrown elements whimsically mimic the sleek silhouettes of automobiles and their omnipresent shadows. Throughout the design, linen hues softly blend with the surround, providing a warmth and familiarity, akin to a day at the races. Lastly, gray details inside this picture perfect scene enhance the realistic vibe of the design, putting you right in the spectator's seat. Bold, bright, and eminently stylish, this jacket lining infuses the charm of speed machines into exquisite gentleman attire. It's a distinguished choice for those who wish to carry a touch of audacity in their bespoke tailoring

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