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Royal Hamburger Impressionism

Royal Hamburger Impressionism

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Supplier code: L-001162

Inspired by the Impressionist style, our exclusive jacket lining features a creative twist on a classic theme, filled with harmonious hues of royal blue and striking steelblue against an urban darkslategray canvas. The design impeccably marries art and fashion, epitomizing the unique merging of a mouth-watering hamburger with Impressionist artistry.

The tasteful interplay of firebrick and sandybrown brings a warm depth to the palette, adding a sense of intricate detail. Reminiscent of a classic still life but with a contemporary and playful undertone, the design is truly something to appreciate up close or from afar, setting apart your made-to-measure jacket.

Complementing the artwork is the delicate touch of cornflower blue, accentuating the vision and bringing your jacket to life. This lining is not merely a mean to an end, it's an expression of your sense of style and the love of fine art that you wear inside your jacket.

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