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Distinctive Linings

Sands of Time Pointillism

Sands of Time Pointillism

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Supplier code: L-001356

Unveiling the latest in our exclusive line - a jacket lining infused with the artistic touch of pointillism. Wisps of thistle play lightly against a dramatic midnight blue backdrop, creating a serene spectacle reminiscent of the sands of time. Interludes of medium purple, deftly layered, add further depth and intrigue to this exquisite composition. A scattering of dark slate blue enigmatically dances around the design, delicately contrasted by whispers of dim gray. Crafted meticulously for your custom-made jacket, this lining enriches your ensemble with a visual symphony of colors - where, ironically, more is said in the silence of the dots than in a bustling canvas. Indulge in this wondrous fusion of classic artistry and modern tailoring, immersing yourself in a clutch of colors that paint not just a pattern, but a story.

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