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Distinctive Linings

Sands of Time Pointillism

Sands of Time Pointillism

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Supplier code: L-001260

Elevate your customized jacket's game with our exclusive pointillism style jacket lining. Drawing inspiration from the sands of time, this striking design exhibits an intricate blend of beautiful hues of lilac and dark violet, manifesting an aura of timeless sophistication to your tailored ensemble. Exhibiting shades ranging from darkslategray to gainsboro, intertwined with hints of silver and dark gray; this lining radiates a captivating spectrum, creating an alluring contrast that is both bold, yet tastefully subtle. The pattern showcases a meticulous pointillism art style, placing tiny dots of colours so close to each other that they blend into a stunning visual spectacle from a distance, and a breathtaking work of art up close. This unique lining is more than just an accessory to your jacket, it's an understated statement of your discerning taste for bespoke fashion. From afar, it's a great pop of color, and up close, it's a discreet masterpiece; it's all in the details. Step into any room with confidence, knowing that your jacket isn't just a piece of clothing, but an emblem of your unique sense of style.

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