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Sands of Time Pointillist

Sands of Time Pointillist

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Supplier code: L-001326

Embrace a touch of artistic sophistication with this jacket's lining, drawing inspiration from the significant Pointillism art movement. With a display of sands of time, the design is a fine mixture of lilac and dark violet - a fantastical fusion of shades enthralling enough to captivate any fashion aesthetic. The color palette features the charming hue of rosybrown, the depth of black, the subtlety of dimgray, the coolness of slategray, and the lightness of lightslategray. This remarkable blend of elegant colors cascades over the lining, creating a visual spectacle that's too enticing to resist. This lining is a testament to the perfect fusion of timeless artistic style with modern fashion. Designed for the made-to-measure, custom jacket, it's sure to be the secret luxe statement for the fashion-forward individuals. Get ready to make heads turn with this sartorial masterpiece.

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