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Sapphire Platinum Brut

Sapphire Platinum Brut

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Supplier code: L-001191

The mesmerizing spirit of Art Brut resonates in this jacket lining design. Taking inspiration from the uninhibited style of this art movement, the lining embodies an ensemble of flowy watercolor strokes, a visual representation of free-flowing thoughts and unfiltered creativity. Rendered in a sophisticated palette of darkslategray and dimgray, the design is softened by strokes of cadetblue, mingling into a luxurious dance of art and style. Subtle highlights of darkkhaki touch the design, adding an elegant contrast to the rich tones. Flushed with lightslategray, the lining invites a serene undertone. The abstract bleed of hues across the design exudes a chic and artistic aura, transforming any custom-tailored jacket into a wearable masterpiece. This remarkable jacket lining, abundant with charm and vibrant tones, is made only for the connoisseur — one who understands and appreciates the complexity and beauty that Art Brut offers.

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