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Solar Disk Neoclassical

Solar Disk Neoclassical

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Supplier code: L-001111

Enter a realm of avant-garde style with our custom jacket lining inspired by the playful, imaginative renditions normally seen in Renaissance art. The pattern features a flying saucer designed to mimic a pizza, a captivating concept that adds a hint of quirkiness and a delightful conversational piece.
Bathed in versatile tones of darkslategray, this lining is punctuated by elements of peru, a warm hue that seamlessly adds depth and grace. Swatches of seagreen offer a distinctive quality, steadily balancing the darker shades. Completing the palette, streaks of gray and subtle hints of darkcyan elevate the overall appeal.
This lining offers a unique blend of colors that stand out vividly, and a visually engaging design to match, enhancing your custom-tailored jacket's distinctive personality.

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