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Scooter Tiger Tapestry

Scooter Tiger Tapestry

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Supplier code: L-001559

Inject some fun into your wardrobe with this unique jacket lining, a true reflection of eccentric taste. Presenting a highly artistic depiction - a tiger deftly riding a scooter, blending whimsicality with sophistication. Crafted with a striking color palette inspired by nature's own bounty, the design showcases hues of bisque, saddlebrown, firebrick, peru, and darksalmon.

The centerpiece of the design, the tiger, manifests in a saddlebrown hue, injected with sparks of firebrick and darksalmon. Its green helmet, in contrast, is a delightful splash of liveliness, a metaphorical homage to adventurous spirits. The background in gentle bisque brings a balancing calmness, anchoring the energetic scene.

With this exclusive lining, you don't just add a lavish touch to your personal style but carry a piece of art esteemed for its surreal juxtaposition and playful vibrance. This will ensure your custom-made jacket is not just a fashion statement, but an indication of your personality - daring, adventurous, and bursting with life.

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