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Distinctive Linings

Scooters' Surreal Slate

Scooters' Surreal Slate

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001542

Escape into a world of whimsical fashion with our unique jacket lining design. Inspired by sharp, comic-like lines typical of an endearing 'girl next door' style, and infused with a color palette that is elegant, charming, and complex, this design resonates with those who appreciate the intersection of fun and sophistication. The dominant hue of Dark Slate Gray adds an unexpected edge, providing a modernistic backdrop for lighter and warmer tones to shine. Carefully placed Old Lace details lend a soft, placid vibe to the overall design, balanced evenly by bursts of vibrant and passionate Indian Red. These bold accents blend stunningly with fleeting yet impactful moments of Rosy Brown, further enhancing the artwork's intricate persona. Scooters effortlessly glide across the design, merging contemporary expressions with nostalgic memories. Our exclusive jacket lining is ideal for the fashion-forward individual who adores stepping away from the mundane. Live in a tale of style and elegance where every detail plays its part in crafting your perfect, made-to-measure jacket. Turn your jacket inside-out, and let your lining tell its unique and captivating story.

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