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Sea of Spring Dragon

Sea of Spring Dragon

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Supplier code: L-001250

Dive into a sartorial ocean with this majestic jacket lining design, transporting you into an exquisite season of spring associated with endless vitality. The captivating blend of gray and darkslategray sets an advanced sense foundation, encapsulating a dramatically dynamic panorama. The unique pattern features an intertwined scene of powerful dragons amidst a sea of burlywood hued flowers, symbolically representing resilience and elegance. The design perfectly merges the somber tones of dimgray with splashes of intense sienna, giving the lining an unparalleled depth. This one-of-a-kind jacket lining encapsulates an advanced sense of style and aesthetics without compromising on the classic sophistication. A true masterpiece for those who choose not just to wear, but express.

internal sku: e047a314-d4b3-4a43-b2f8-392a10c1db17

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