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Distinctive Linings

Seagreen Herb Abstract

Seagreen Herb Abstract

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Supplier code: L-001170

Embrace the sartorial elegance of this avant-garde jacket lining, inspired by the unique aesthetics reminiscent of a late 20th-century performance art style. Fashioned with a bold, intricate design, its visual narrative represents the once-controversial plant, Marijuana, rendered in a tasteful and artistic way.

An enchanting color palette is woven throughout the pattern, featuring deep and mystical black as a contrasting backdrop to the refreshing hues of medium seagreen, dark seagreen, and mesmerizing seagreen, creating a distinctive landscape that separates ordinary from extraordinary.

Majestic swirls of captivating cadet blue subtly encourage the eyes to trace along their course, adding another layer to the complex and fascinating graphical story told primarily in strokes of mint green and choc. This remarkable lining is a work of immaculate craftsmanship, intended for individuals who seek exclusivity and a personal touch in their custom-made jacket.

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