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Distinctive Linings

Sienna Elegance

Sienna Elegance

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Supplier code: L-001583

Delight in the unique patterns of this exquisitely designed jacket lining that captures the silhouette of a poodle in the most arresting and stylish manner. Painted with a stark palette of black, the face of the poodle stands out with a charismatic and appealing effect. This design further unfolds onto a charming blend of peru and sienna engulfing the body of our poodle, creating a soothing and visually appealing contrast against the black face. This unique color scheme conveys a certain warm rustic appeal and brings a contemporary touch to an endearing subject. The entire design is underlined by a calming backdrop of dual shades of lightslategray, further accentuating the silhouette and the serenely pleasing colors. This combination of unique design and satisfying color blend promises a visually diverse experience making your tailored jacket visually captivating yet graceful. Each detail in this lining is conceptualized and executed with precision making it a stand-alone piece of art for your custom-made jacket. Let this visually striking lining elevate your fashion game to new heights, ensuring a memorable style statement

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