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Distinctive Linings

Skull Conceptual Aura

Skull Conceptual Aura

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Supplier code: L-001070

Immerse yourself in the allure of the avant-garde with this distinctive jacket lining. Emboldened by the bold stance of Conceptual Art, this design uniquely incorporates a rather cryptic motif of skulls. The color palette is a sophisticated medley touched with hues of pale violet red and dark slate gray.

Evocative shades of brown and gray join the ensemble, adding depth to this intriguing pattern. To harmonize the pattern, we’ve added a tinge of a soft, soothing rosy brown. This colourful spectacle, when paired with its intricate design, speaks volumes about your eternal love for unique fashion.

Remember, this liner is as unique as you are - each jacket made with this is one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted to measure, and custom designated to your personal style. Scale the heights of individuality with this elegant artwork, adding that perfect touch of eccentricity to your custom-tailored jackets.

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