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Skull Oldenburg Spectrum

Skull Oldenburg Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001066

Experience the fusion of contemporary art and edgy style with this plumb and pale jacket lining. With its eerie yet captivating design reminiscent of pop art, this lining truly stands out. Rendered in a distinct palette featuring black, tan, dimgray, and lightslategray, it creates a visually arresting contrast that leaves a lasting impression. Unveil the adventurous side of your style with the alluring skulls pattern. This bespoke jacket lining is not just a mere add-on to your ensemble, it's a bold statement. Let your jacket speak volumes about your sophisticated and daring essence.

Each skull design in the motif oozes a quirky charm, with the muted tan and dimgray tones adding an extra layer of mystery. The splashes of lightslategray further enhance the depth and texture of the lining, making it a truly remarkable piece. This is an exclusive gem for those looking for an unconventional yet upscale style statement.

internal sku: 0f957b5c-59f7-4d20-a63a-9e1c08bea865

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