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Skulls Povera Spectrum

Skulls Povera Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001073

Embrace the sophistication of exclusive jacket linings featuring an exquisite pattern inspired by Arte Povera style. This distinctive design evokes a strong sensory impact, presenting a stunning blend of skull motifs in a tapestry of black and dual shades of gray. Accentuating the pattern further is an immersing dark olive green backdrop, delicately sprinkled with intriguing streaks of dark khaki. This unique lining is a testament to compelling visual vibrancy, ensuring every custom-made jacket provides its wearer a dash of individuality and high-end stylistic appeal.

Styled with sentiments of minimalism and elevated with a nod towards modern aesthetics, this lining renders a subtle yet refined statement, adding a captivating radiance to your bespoke jacket.

internal sku: 6f1bfbae-6bc9-4f3a-9302-78f2fae623c0

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