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Space Shuttle Abstract

Space Shuttle Abstract

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Supplier code: L-001043

Immerse in the exclusivity of this one-of-a-kind jacket lining, inspired by the artistic style of Abstract Surrealism. The main design showcases a Space Shuttle - a symbolic representation of mankind's quest for space exploration, which stands against an exceptional blend of colors. The hues of black and lightslategray from the universe outlines the shuttle's majestic silhouette, underscoring the notion of vast, uncharted frontiers. Unexpected splashes of sienna dance on the canvas, symbolizing celestial bodies and the mysterious charm of the cosmos. And finally, a touch of slategray and burlywood infuse an element of earthly binding, reminding us of our roots as we venture off into space. This lining turns your Made-to-Measure jacket into a canvas of cosmic wonder and abstract elegance, making it not just an item of clothing, but a piece of wearable art.

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