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Distinctive Linings

Spring Sky Spectrum

Spring Sky Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001434

Embrace a splash of color in every step you take with our exclusive jacket lining. Inspired by a serene spring day, this lining paints a picture of an efflorescent festival under a vast sky blue expanse. Shifts from steel blue to light steel blue and peaks of dark slate gray embroider an advanced sense of color depth into the design. This distinct color gradient subtly blends into dominantly sky blue tones, celebrating the exuberance of clear-blue horizons. Perfect for those who appreciate custom-made luxury and seek to inject a serene, yet cheerful energy to their ensemble. Witness how this luminous lining turns your classic tailored jacket into a work of art, full of life and spirit. This is, without a doubt, a beautiful ode to the delights of spring, a sea of flowers caressed by a tender blue sky. Experience the sophistication and freshness this exclusive jacket lining offers, making every wear an occasion of its own.

internal sku: 6a89a69c-1846-487e-b12d-accd78797b3c

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