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Steely Cosmic Dance

Steely Cosmic Dance

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Supplier code: L-001263

Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world where fluid forms meet cosmic inspiration in this exclusive jacket lining. This design features graceful, sinuous shapes in layers of caressing dark salmon, a subtle nod to the surrealistic art style. It blends effortlessly with cool strokes of dark slate gray, aptly evoking the mystery of the unknown universe.

Offering an adventurous twist is a splash of cadet blue, suggesting a glimpse into distant galaxies and vast open skies. Gently oscillating between severe dim gray and laid-back steel blue, this lining offers a unique aesthetic experience - a testament to exploration beyond the usual boundaries. This lining is distinct, daring, and perfect for those looking for custom, made-to-measure jackets that dare to defy convention.

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