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Sunny Countryside Harmony

Sunny Countryside Harmony

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Supplier code: L-001456

Unveil a unique visual palette within your jacket with this exquisitely designed lining. The lining boasts an expressive style, subtly echoing the techniques synonymous with the post-Impressionist aesthetic. Brought to life in a harmonious ensemble of colors, this design exudes a calm sophistication.

Borrowing the tranquil hues of a sunny countryside, the pattern is predominantly gray, punctuated by strokes of dark khaki and intriguing shadows of dark olive green. These olive hues peek through with understated elegance, offering just a hint of earthy warmth. The echoes of cadet blue and dark slate gray add a soothing touch, creating an immersive and serene visual landscape.

This lining is a perfect choice for those who appreciate art in every aspect of their lives. Upgrade your made to measure jacket with this lining and turn your everyday fashion into a personal art exhibit that breathes a nostalgic yet timeless appeal.

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