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Surreal Jungle Kaleidoscope

Surreal Jungle Kaleidoscope

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Supplier code: L-001574

Revel in the Fashion Jungle: With the vibrancy of a lemon yellow backdrop, this exclusive jacket lining paints an enchanting picture inspired by the signature style of Mexico's renowned self-portrait artists. The design showcases a vivid menagerie of jungle animals, brimming with a charm evocative of the lush, tropical wilderness. The artistic bursts of the color palette utilized are truly captivating - rustic 'saddlebrown', the soft earth tones of 'burlywood', an alluring hint of 'darkslategray', the rich hue of 'goldenrod', and a subtle highlight of 'gainsboro'. Each color interplays harmoniously with the next, resulting in a stunning visual melody. This enchanting lining, celebrating the eccentric and the individualistic, adds a bold statement to the custom, made-to-measure jacket that encases it. A perfect choice for those with a flair for the different and the exotic. Make every stitch count, make every piece unique, just like you. This is more than just a lining, it's a wearable art.

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